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Vesevo is situated in the Irpinian hills of Campania. Known as the ‘Switzerland of the South’, this is one of Italy’s most exciting wine-producing areas. The vineyards, planted between 450 and 700 metres above sea level, are subjected to a constant cool breeze that blows off the Bay of Naples. Over the centuries, this same breeze has blown volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius inland, giving the soil here a poor, volcanic character.


The fruit comes from vineyards in the region of Benevento located at 400-600 metres above sea level providing with perfect sun exposure and mitigating altitude. The soil is composed of three different elements: volcanic deposits, clay and limestone. These aspects are the perfect ingredients to create a wonderful combination of freshness, flavours and bright acidity.


Falanghina can be considered a semi-aromatic variety. This example shows its intense and luscious fruit aromas as well as its balanced acidity providing length and freshness on the palate. The wine is medium-bodied, well balanced, with an intense finish.


Normal price - £17.95 per bottle

Case price - £15.95 per bottle


Vesevo Beneventano Falanghina , Campania - CASE OF 6 BOTTLES

£107.70 Regular Price
£95.70Sale Price
75 Centiliters
  • 12.5%

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