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Tündérmese means fairy tale, but this one is far from Grimm!


Sourced from Betsek, Szilvás, Danczka vineyards (medium-high cordon, average age of vines 35 years) Hand-harvested into small plastic containers from 2nd week of November.


Rich intense mandarin flavours with a honey note suggesting botrytis fruit. Textured with a vibrant acidity that pevents the sweetness from becoming cloying. Very drinkable, this doesn't need food and has a finish that just goes on and on.


Normal price - £13.95 per bottle

Case price - £10.95 per bottle - SAVE £18 PER CASE

Kardos Tündérmese Late Harvest, Tokaj, Hungary (50cl) 2018 - Case of 6 Bottles

£83.70 Regular Price
£65.70Sale Price
50 Centiliters
  • 12.5%

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