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Domaine de Grand ’Maison Muscadet de Sevre & Maine sur LieLanglois-Chateau, Loire Valley, France

With its distinctive yellow colour, delicate aromas of stone and citrus fruit and a palate of everything you would want from a muscadet of this quality, fresh, fruity with a lasting finish - a beautiful wine to enjoy on a summers day!

Domaine de Grand ’Maison Muscadet de Sevre & Maine sur Lie Langlois-Chateau, Loire Valley, France

The Winemaker

The origin of the house Langlois-Château dates back to 1885. From the beginning, Langlois-Château built a reputation for excellence. The wines of Langlois-Château are vinified according to high quality standards, respecting the terroir and grape varieties from which they come. The area is also very active in terms of viticultural research: Langlois-Château favours natural methods and respect for the environment.

Details of Production

This classic Loire wine, is produced from Melon de Bourgogne grapes from 15 to 30 year old vines grown on a 10 hectare plot on the coast of Saint-Fiacre. The grapes are machine harvested at optimum maturity and vinified in the traditional way in thermo-regulated tanks. The must undergoes 20 days of fermentation at low temperatures to preserve the fresh characteristics, allowing the aromas to shine through. The wine rests on its lees until the bottling at the Domaine in Spring. By bottling after a single racking, the freshness and ageing potential of the wine is perfectly preserved.

Tasting Notes

This wine is a distinctive yellow colour, with delicate aromas of fruit and lively citrus intensity. A forthright taste with plenty of freshness and a lasting finish. This Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, matured on the lees, is vibrant and expressive thanks to its exceptional terroir and dedicated work in the winery. More body, more character, more complex: it is very different from other wines of the same name.

How to serve

A wonderful wine to enjoy with shellfish and whole fish, grilled or baked. And of course, oysters!

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