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Boutinot ‘Les Coteaux Schisteux’, Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages, France 2016 - Wine of the Month

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

There are some wines that we never tire of tasting, and there is a reason why they remain a firm favourite with our loyal customers. This month we bring you a much-loved warming wine that will get you through a crisp autumn evening, perfect to enjoy by the fire, or to impress friends over the dinner table.

About Seguret & Côtes du Rhône

The sun-drenched Côtes du Rhône is among the oldest vineyard regions on the planet. Greeks, Romans and Medieval Popes liked the native-grape rocky soil tastes. As the reputation of these great wines grew, a 1729 royal edict required each cask to be branded C.D.R. (Côtes du Rhône), marking the best from the rest.

Séguret, which translates to ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ in Provencal, could be described as one of the most beautiful village in France. With its near vertical narrow alleys and little stone houses with their tiny sun-drenched squares, it demands strong legs and a good set of lungs to walk around it! There is another reason why this village, which has enjoyed Côtes du Rhône appellation status since 1967, wins the hearts of its admirers: its wines.

About ‘Les Coteaux Schisteux’

High up the ‘slopes of schiste’ in the rugged mountainous terroir of Séguret lies a single vineyard so predominantly planted with Grenache Noir (intermingled only here and there with some Syrah) that the resulting wine – Les Coteaux Schisteux - comes close to being one of the purest expressions of Grenache Noir in the southern Rhône valley.

Tasting notes

This is an impressive classic Séguret - about as good as Côtes du Rhône-Villages gets! The nose is explosive, plush and opulent as ever, layered with suggestions of exotic spices (cinnamon, galangal, tumeric), cracked black pepper and of course streaked with vanilla. The palate is instantly appealing, polished and smooth on entry but steeped in depth and texture as the flavours swirl around, lengthen and delight. The lasting impression is satisfying - a big and opulent Grenache-driven wine with obvious oak quality, great structure, length and finish.

Food match

Think big hearty casseroles and juicy meat dishes or be really adventurous and try it with a Thai Massaman curry. Or simply sit back, relax and feel the warmth in the glass!

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