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Choosing the perfect wine for your wedding or party can and should be an enjoyable experience. A good wedding wine should be both crowd-pleasing and good value for money. A good way to be sure, is to book a tasting and we’ll be able to match wines with the foods that you are having and also your budget. This way you will get to taste the wines before the event so that you can be confident on your big day.

What wine to choose?

We’ve found that preferences for red and white wines tend to be fairly even, and normally advise working on a ratio of 60% red or 40% white. The weather may also determine what people will drink more of. If the event is in summer for instance, it may be worth including a rose.


Sparkling Wine

Champagne of course is the traditional choice, particularly for toasts. However, it is worth considering a good Prosecco, Cremant de Limoux or Cava as these often provide better value. A good Prosecco is often more popular than a low end Champagne which may be too acidic without food. Plus most guests will be more than happy to receive a free glass of fizz to settle their emotions on the day. Don’t Forget the Jeroboam for the top table.


White Wine

Ideally a white wine for an event should be crisp and refreshing if you have the budget a nice Sancerre or Chablis can be refreshing. However, you have to remember that guests will be more than happy to be enjoying your company and choosing a better value wine will probably help you spend more on your honeymoon. A good New Zealand Sauvignon offers a great refreshing and citric option. Other popular choices include Chardonnay, Gavi or Viognier.


Red Wine

If your function is in the summer then hopefully you’re be enjoying the Great British summer and will benefit from a red that is soft and smooth, without too much acidity or tannin. Classic choices include Beaujolais, Merlot or an unoaked Cote de Rhone or a wine with a lower ABV ( try 12% rather than 15%),which will prolong your drunk uncles party dance until late in the evening.


Quick Guide to how much wine you’ll need.

It’s always difficult to predict how much wine you will need for an event. Therefore it is advisable to order slightly more than you think to avoid upset. For large orders most independent wine shops will offer a sale or return policy.

• One 75cl bottle of wine gives six generous glasses.
• One 75cl bottle of Champagne gives 8 glasses for a toast.
• During the meal allow three and a half glasses (1/2 bottle) of wine per guest during these two hours.


Remember it’s your day so pick wines that you enjoy and let others enjoy them with you!!!


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